How it Works

Follow the link to your desired class to see rent or purchase options for the course on the Vimeo platform. After payment is made, the video is available for immediate viewing.

After you have completed the video course, you will be given an exam to show you have mastered the content provided. After you take the exam, sign it then either scan it or take a picture of it and send the image to one of the following two places:

Fax: 1.510.952.3853

After the exam has been reviewed and it has been determined that you have mastered the skillset, you will receive a wallet card showing you have completed all training requirements.

Video Classes

Courses Optimized for Mobile & Computer

Whether you want to take training at a computer workstation or on your mobile device in your spare time, we have you covered. Our video training courses are designed for optimum compatibility across all devices.

Rent OR Buy Video Courses

Purchase or rent the course according to your needs. We’ve designed our video training to be simple and easy.